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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Trussardi’s short animated film Sky Watcher is released

Just came back from Tokyo.
Main reason of this visit, first time in 14 and half years since I left there in 1999, was to attend Italian fashion brand Trusssardi‘s event at Two Rooms in Aoyama, Tokyo. The event was to release a short animated film SKY WATCHER celebrating 40 year anniversary of their famous greyhound logo.
The film was directed by James Lima, a big name in fashion film.  I was involved in the project as a concept artist, dedicating most of September and October to work on close to 100 drawings that were then turned into 3D objects then to an animation film.
The film was released on December 4 in Tokyo as well as at Trussardi flagship store in Milan, and can be seen online on Trussardi website and on YouTube

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As an illustrator working in the field for more than ten years, I have recently been thinking about how to bring my work to the next level, to something more than just print media. To expand one’s horizon, one have to take risks of loosing a total control of one’s work, meaning, teaming up with third parties who take one’s images and create something completely new out of them. It is a scary thought, then again, without the risks and trust for teams of professionals who are good at what they do (in this case animation) there will be no progress.

Thank you creative director Gaia Trussardi, director James Lima, Tomaso Galli, Federica Salmerigo, Giulia Lupo, Trussardi Japan, Aaron Barr of BA-Reps,  and everyone on the team for giving me this rare opportunity. And, last but not least, thank you Rovina Cai who came into my studio almost every day to help me scan and color numerous drawings through out the process.

some of the characters and Milan City designs I have created that were later turned into 3D objects:

some scenes from the film:

you can watch the full film on Trussardi website and on YouTube

the whole event space in Aoyama was turned into Sky Watcher world (all the photos from the events are copyrighted to Trussardi):

from left: Gaia Trussardi, James Lima and me at the event

some press:
Vogue Italia  D Repubblica (Italy)  WWD (USA)  Embelezzia (Spain)