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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Emergency! Cat Man of Aleppo needs your help!

EMERGENCY: The Cat Man of Aleppo, Alaa Aljaleel and his sanctuary + orphanage is in danger!

According to the Twitter post from earlier today, bombing in his area got so severe, they had to abandon the current sanctuary and flee. They are currently scrambling to transfer some 120 cats to a safe location in near by city of Idlib. Also trying to move the monkeys across the border to safety. 

If anyone is willing to help out, even a small amount, your kind donations are accepted and appreciated at: myevent.com/alaaandkids If you can’t financially help, which is OK, please spread the words, repost, so someone you know may be able to pitch in. 

I have finished illustrating Alaa’s story in the upcoming picture book The Cat Man of Aleppo. I have never met or directly spoken to Alaa (author Karim has been in contact, as recently as a couple of hours ago), but he, his team and all the animals are a part of ‘family’ now. 

News media  don’t talk about war in Syria anymore, because they have moved onto the next big flashy news. But, friends, it is still happening. And just to be aware of it, that you have that knowledge is very important. Thank you.