Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimizu

Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Life Imitating Illustration, Or…

Central Park In The Snow: Book Covers (December 2009)

left: the latest New York Magazine, photo by Mitchell Funk. right: Hemispheres cover illustrated by Shout… or just a total coincidence? Two funny encounters this week.

I pick up The latest issue of New York Magazine on Monday and “Wow, it is another beautiful illustration by Shout”. I look closer… Oh wait, these buildings in the background look too realistic to be an illustration….? 
Then I realized it was NOT an illustration at all, but a photo.  Photographer is Mitchell Funk, he is a veteran working since the 70s (left).

I e-mailed the cover to Shout, telling him the story. He wrote right back and said he got a kick out of it, it is something he would totally do. In fact, he attached an illustration he has done in past that has a lot of similarities (right).

Was the photo inspired by the illustration or is it the total coincidence? We couldn’t tell, but it didn’t matter anyway.

The fun of all this is that two completely different mediums (especially that Shout’s work is not realistic at all) can create atmosphere so similar, graphic and beautiful.

I love then both and I want to frame and hang them on my wall. It is not a bad idea to just see the beautiful side of winter and forget about all the cold and muddy slush that await us in the next few months.

An Ultimate Mug (December 2009)
left: illustration by Heads of State right: mugs designed by J.C. Karich2. AN ULTIMATE MUG
I fell in love with these funny yet beautiful mug designed by J.C. Karich (right). I bought a whole stack to give to friends for Christmas (and keep one for myself).

I showed it off to fellow Drawgers, then Matt reminded me that Heads of State (left) that was done an illustration with the same idea a while ago. This, probably also is just a pure coincidence playing with the idea of anger in the office environment.

Now I am putting these two images next to eachother, I love the different takes on the same idea. In the actual mug the knuckles were placed opposite from the illustration and that affects the nice curvy form of the cup.

By the way, the mug, I heard is completely sold out for the holiday season, but if you want to be wait-listed, contact the nice people at UMA.

Oh, and last but not least….

Happy holidays everyone!