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Maximum the Hormone DVD

illustration for DVD cover and products (to come, poster, T shirts, etc) for a popular Japanese metal band Maximum the Hormone (マキシマム・ザ・ホルモン) . DVD Deka Vs Deka was released in November 2015.
The band’s DVD title image always plays with word-play. Theme for this, ‘deka’ means both ‘big’ and ‘cop’ in Japanese. Thus, we came up with an idea of a giant baby attacked by a squad of female police with big bottoms. (It was a very straight-man moment for me as a female artist. )

art direction: Maximum the Ryo-kun, Keiichi Iwata (7 Stars Design)

awards and recognitions: Society of Illustrators 58 silver medal in institutional category, American Illustration 35, Communication Arts 2016 Illustration Annual Awards, SPECTRUM Fantastic Art 23 (all 2016)

original drawing is: SOLD